Projects implemented by Center for Anti-Corruption

Projects implemented by Center for Anti-Corruption

   Titile: International Conference on AML and Fraud Prevention in Financial Sector

From: 2011

Short description:

Since 2011 Center for Anti-Corruption is organizing international annual conference on AML and fraud prevention in financial sector. The main goal of the conference – to present the newest and most advanced tools to combat money laundering and fraud in financial sector and to create a platform of co-operation and exchange of good practices between West and East experts.

The conference is attained by private and public sector representatives. It is one the key tools in the fight against financial crime and towards a successful financial interests in today's difficult economic environment.Different AML and fraud prevention topics are presented by experts from public and private sector – USA FBI, Baltic States FIUs, Ernst&Young, Western Union and etc.

Already 4 conference were organized and it gathered more than 250 participants from 20 counties all around the world. The last conference together with partners was organized in London (UK).


Title: „Improvement of Abilities of Center for Anti-Corruption to Implement the Corruption Prevention Programmes “

Duration: 2013/06 – 2014/09 

Financing: Lithuanian and Swiss Cooperation Programme NGO Fund

Budget: 57.913,06 euro (199.962,22 LTL)

Short description:

The aim of the project – strengthen the institutional capacities and financial indecency of Center for Anti-Corruption by creating and implementing new anti-corruption education programmes.

Main activities:

  • Strengthening staff competences of Center for Anti-Corruption. 2 staff members of Center for Anti-Corruption have participated at qualification development training courses including topics like NGO management, creation of strategy, public relations and fundraising, project management. These competences were used in other activities.
  • Analysis of Swiss NGO applied models for anti-corruption. During 5 days data for qualitative research of NGO models was gathered by using a questioner including question related with methods and activities used to counter corruption, what are the main challenges and how it is managed, what works and etc.  
  • 3 year strategy of Center for Anti-Corruption. Together with external experts 3 year strategy was prepared which includes potential development, financial resources and indicators of it implementation.
  • Social ads festival. In cooperation with experts of psychology, marketing and social ads creator a new concept of social ads festival was created and carried out. Half-day event gathered around 60 participants.
  • Construction of website. New design was created for website  
  • Anti-corruption summer school. With help of experts concept of pupil anticorruption education was created and tried during four-day summer school. 20 participants from 10 Lithuania cities had an opportunity to not only to acquire theoretical knowledge about corruption, forms, and consequences but also participated in practical sessions and used non-formal education methods – like Forum theater, simulation games, movie watch, to get new skills to fight against corruption and to prevent it.    


Title: “Empowerment of Roma in Lithuania”

Duration: 2013/06 - 2014/04

Funding: USA Embassy in Lithuania

Budget: 2250,35 euro (7770,00 LTL)

Short description:

Project “The Empowerment of Roma in Lithuania” was initiated because of the low education and week powers of Roma. This and other social issues partly is a result of a very negative attitude towards Roma in Lithuania. In order to make changes only the actions related with research, analyses and legislation mostly was carried out in Lithuania. But how experts and Rome itself agree this is not enough. It must be also activities related with education, capacities building. Project “The Empowerment of Roma in Lithuania” was designed to achieve short-term and long term-term objectives.

Short-term objectives:

  • Aid for NGOs and public institutions. Created video contains concentrated information about the ways to solve discrimination and other issues. This is a tool which help to provide information to Roma.
  • Involvement of Roma in rights protection and participation in decision making by using information provided in video.

Long-term objectives:

  • To develop the values and change stereotypes. Raise public awareness on mutual understanding of other cultures.
  • Establish co-operation links between NGOs, Roma community and public institutions.
  • Educate Roma how they can participate in decision making and problems solving.

The main activities:

Project “The Empowerment of Roma in Lithuania” consisted of 3 main activities which were closely related:

  • Creation of co-operation platform with organizations/institutions working with Roma. This helped to exchange information and to understand the main problems with which Roma faces mostly. Also this platform will assist in future projects and help to carry out activities related with Roma. 
  • Video creation. This activity started with collection of information, meeting with NGOs and public institutions working with Roma. After the collected information analysis, tree main problems were chosen for the video – discrimination, unemployment and children free time activities. The next step was scenario creation and choice of the form. Finally, it was agreed to create cartoon form video. This form let’s do not discriminate people because real actors do not act. Due to the fact that a lot of Roma in Lithuania speaks only in Russian, video “Empowerment of Roma in Lithuania” was created in Lithuanian and Russian as well. The length of video is 6 min. It contains tree situations and offers different ways to solve them.
  • Round table discussion. It was half day event which gathered 18 participants from governmental and non-governmental institutions. The event had 3 aims:  to rise the most accurate problems of Roma and to initiative discussions, to establish co-operation between Roma society and public institutions and to present created video.


Title: “Pupils’ Voice”

 Duration: 2012/12 - 2013/11

 Budget: 7725,00 euro (26.672,88 LTL)

 Funding: "Youth in Action" Programme


Short description:

Atsižvelgiant į tai, kad jaunieji mūsų valstybės piliečiai jau mokykloje susiduria su problemomis, kurios kelia iššūkius ir už jos ribų, ir ateityje bei gan dažnai mokiniams paliekama tik labai nedidelė erdvė, galimybės patiems prisidėti prie galimų sprendimų būdų paieškos ir taikymo VšĮ „Antikorupcijos švietimo centras“ inicijuoja projektą „Mokinių balsas“. Projektu siekiama įtraukti mokinius į problemų, su kuriomis susiduriama mokyklose, sprendimą, suteikiant jiems žinių ir įgūdžių tai daryti aktyviai ir efektyviai.

Main activities:

  • 5 round table discussions in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Utena.  The main goals of discussions: to know each other and to start co-operation networks with pupils; identify the main problems which arise at school and to focus attention on local government, pupils’ civic activism and to hear the proposals for national conference.
  • National conference. Two-day national level conference gathered pupils from different Lithuania cities and they had an opportunity not just to hear presentations nut also participated at practical sessions.  During the first day participants met with representatives from Education Ministry, Local government administration department responsible for education, NGOs, e-tool creators. Presentation were led by discussions concerning questions related with elections, corruption, social responsibility, opportunities to use e-tool for democracy. The second day was designed to practical skills development. By using simulation method participants were able to know more about the election internal “kitchen”.  This method showed another side and in the future will let to take a decision more critically.
  • Website was created in order to improve the communication between interested counterparts, to give a useful information for pupils and to establish more enhanced co-operation. 



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